The Tahanan Story

Built for the family, transformed for our growing community.

Tahanan is a tale of time, told through the language of food and art.

Our Team

An Artist and his Family

Built by my father, designer and woodworker Benji Reyes, and my mother Carina in 1999, this home was crafted from 100% reclaimed wood, whispering stories of old houses and bridges scattered across the country.

After 2 years of construction, my parents raised my sister Eena and I in the oasis we have since called Tahanan. It is the home our family of four have built countless memories in.

For years, my family dreamt of transforming a corner of our home into a restaurant. Then, in 2016, me and my now husband Kevin, freshly returned from culinary encounters in Melbourne, decided to turn that dream into a reality. I became the heart and mind of the restaurant, while Kevin, with his culinary education and experience, took the helm as Executive Chef.

A Team with a Vision

Today, Tahanan has grown into a team of individuals passionate about providing a dining experience that goes beyond food and drink.

The Philippines’ rich produce finds expression in each dish, painting a vivid portrait of flavors that span generations.

We remain a Filipino home in essence, and we provide the same comfort to everyone who steps foot into our shared oasis.

Welcome to Tahanan. Our home and yours.

"The vision was to build a home that would nurture the needs of my three girls and me. It is a sanctuary where one could find peace, get positive energy from, be inspired to be creative, and be one with nature."

— Benji Reyes